7 Health Benefits of Beer

Beer drinkers rejoice because your favorite drink might be healthier than you think. If you have party plans this weekend, then don’t be afraid to gulp your beer pint. The beer has several surprising health benefits.


Despite its bad reputation, beer has some antioxidants and vitamins which help prevent heart diseases and rebuild muscle. It also has the highest energy content among all food and drinks.


But of course, you need to set limits as an excess of everything is bad. Heavy drinking increases chances of liver damage, kidney damage, some cancers, strokes and heart diseases. The maximum consumption per day for women should be 12 ounces per day and for men is two 12 ounce glasses. So to get the health benefits of beer, it should be consumed in moderation.

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Here we list some of the surprising health benefits of drinking beer:


Good for Kidneys: Drinking a bottle of beer daily also reduces the risk of kidney stones.Most doctors also recommend drinking beer if you have small kidney stones. This is because of water content in large amount in beer that keeps the kidneys hydrated and helps in its proper functioning.


Good for Bones: Silicon present in beer helps in keeping bones healthy. The pale ale brews are the richest in silicon content while the lagers and non-alcoholic beers contain the least percentage of silicon. So to get healthy bones go for the pale ales.


Reduces Cancer Risk: Beer contains same levels of antioxidants as present in wine. Antioxidants present in beer help in reducing the cancer risks by reversing the cellular damage that occurs naturally in the body. Dark beers have the maximum antioxidants.


Lowers Blood Pressure: A study conducted in Harvard proved that beer consumption reduced the risk of high blood pressure in women better than in those drinking wine and other spirits in moderation.


Good for Brain: Drinking a glass of beer a day keeps away Alzheimer’s and other dementia.


Lowers risk of Strokes: Drinking a moderate amount of beer or alcohol help preventing blood clots that block the flow of heart, brain, and neck.


Reduces Risk for Diabetes: Drinking alcohol increases insulin sensitivity, and so it helps in reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


These were some of the benefits of drinking beer. So, enjoy your glass of beer. But always remember to drink in moderation as you certainly don’t want to put yourself at risk for any health problems like liver damage, kidney damage or heart diseases.